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Membership Application and Dues Payment

We would love for you to join us. Our meetings are generally held on the third Wednesday of each month.

There are three types of annual membership:

  • Primary
    • Any Republican woman who is a resident of the Commonwealth of Virginia, has attained eighteen (18) years of age, believes in the philosophy of the Republican Party, advocates support for Republican candidates, and supports the objectives and policies of this organization shall be eligible for membership.
    • Primary membership includes membership in the Virginia Federation of Republican Women (VFRW) and the National Federation of Republican Women (NFRW).
    • Annual dues are $50.
  • Associate
    • Any woman who is a primary member of another federated women’s club, who supports the objectives and policies of this club shall be eligible to become an associate member.
    • Associate members cannot hold Club office, vote, be counted in determining the number of delegates to the VFRW meetings/conventions and cannot serve as an RWC delegate to these meetings.
    • Republican men may be associate members but cannot make motions, hold office, have a voice, vote, or be counted in determining the number of primary members. As associate members, men do not become members of the VFRW or NFRW.
    • Associate members are not reported to the VFRW or NFRW.
    • Annual dues are $20.
  • Student
    • Annual dues are $10.

Please select an option to submit your membership application:


Submit your information online and pay membership dues online or by mailing a check


Print the application form and mail it with a check for membership dues to the club

If you have any questions regarding membership, please contact the Vice President - Membership.