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Virginia Schools

Here at AFP-VA, we are continuing to promote quality education and education freedom for all of Virginia’s children. We support teacher tenure reform and merit based pay; we support looking at ways to improve educational tax credit legislation and to improve access to virtual learning.

We wanted to remind you, our activists, of the key legislation that we’re supporting and opposing dealing with education freedom. Please contact your state Delegate and Senator to let them know that they need to represent Virginia and not give in to partisan politics.

Click here to send a message to your state lawmakers and ask that they support school choice!

*Oppose SB1300 - Virtual School Programs; multidivisional online funding for providers.

This bill takes steps toward establishing a much-needed new funding model for public full-time virtual education in the Commonwealth with the “funding following the child”; however, due to several provisions in the bill it will deny school choice to students based on their zip code, a practice we oppose.  

*Support HB1555 - Virginia State Virtual School; established as statewide school division

*Support SB935 - Public schools; changes to teacher contracts and evaluation policies.

*Support HJ684 - Constitutional amendment; Board of Education authorized to establish charter schools.

Again, please contact your representatives here to let them know that we need them to stand for school choice.

Thank you for all that you do for liberty!

Audrey Jackson

State Director

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